We shoot with hi resolution cameras. Any photos ordered will be gorgeous hi-rez quality without the watermark. Photos here on the website are shown with resolution just high enough for quality viewing, so keep in mind as you browse...your actual photo will be higher quality than here on the page.

Websites are tricky. This page is inviting you to ask ANYTHING you are trying to find out as you navigate the website. We'd be more than glad to email sample photos of frames for instance. Maybe you need to know how wide the face of a frame is....just ask, we're here to help

  Email is fine for questions but the phone is the quickest & easiest way to get answers you need to help you decide on things.  

Home.....603 735 5323     Cell......845 551 0473

  FRAMING......One of the tricky things on this site happens when you click on PHOTO GALLERIES from the home page....the photos you look at are actually on another separate website called Photodeck, so to look at examples we offer for different framing options...  you need to go back on the original MooseMan website, and click on FRAMED ART.

  MATTING....11x14's are 8x12 photos with a beautiful double matt with a textured Astral white on top and a black on bottom ending up leaving a small 1/4" black beveled edge near the photo.

  Many of you like our barnboard trios and quads. You see them at our shows in the booth.  The quads have four 5x7 photos, the trios have three 8x10 photos. You may pick any photos you like and create your own custom piece, but you need to call us and we'll work out the design and placement over the phone.

  We set up this "Questions" page hoping folks would click on it and realize we encourage phone calls to help you with your decisions and answer any questions you might have.           


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